History Biplanes & Triplane

There are 6 styles of history biplanes and triplane in this series. In the early years of aviation, the biplane and   triplane was the most popular way to fly. In contrast to monoplanes, the triplane and biplanes are easier to   maneuver and have much more structurally advantages.
The size of planes for this series around Length 420mm, Wing span 450mm.

See the flying video

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  • Dr.1G1  Dr.1

    Item No. 22001

  • P-6EG2  P-6E

    Item No. 22002

  • F.2BG3  F.2B

    Item No. 22003

  • CR.32G4  CR.32

    Item No. 22004

  • D.H.9G5  D.H.9

    Item No. 22005

  • PW-9G6  PW-9

    Item No. 22006

Packing Ways

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    Printed Box
    Size:425x175x30 mm
    Item No. 22001-06(E)

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    Blister Card
    Size:450x200x35 mm
    Item No. 22001-06(F)

  • ${title}

    Printed Box
    Size:425x220x35 mm
    Item No. 22001-06
    (with EW)

  • ${title}

    Blister Caed
    Size:530x280x35 mm
    Item No. 22001-06(A)
    (with EW)