History Monoplanes

There are 6 styles of history monoplanes in this series. As the improving in structural techniques
& materials and the need for greater speed, monoplane became more popular than biplane
and triplane.

The size of planes for this series around Length 420mm, Wing span 450mm.

See the flying video

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  • 56A-1N1  56A-1

    Item No. 33001

  • SpitfireN2  Spitfire

    Item No. 33002

  • L-5N3  L-5

    Item No. 33003

  • P-26N4  P-26

    Item No. 33004

  • P-47N5  P-47

    Item No. 33005

  • P-51N6  P-51

    Item No. 33006

Packing Ways

  • ${title}

    Printed Box
    Size:425x175x30 mm
    Item No. 33001-06

  • ${title}

    Blister Card
    Size:450x200x35 mm
    Item No. 33001-06(F)

  • ${title}

    Printed Box
    Size:530x280x35 mm
    Item No. 33001-06(A)
    (with EW)