Stunt Gliders

There are 6 styles of stunt gliders in this series, the planes have 12 interesting flying methods. The Size of planes for this series around Length 215 mm, Wing span 185 mm.

See the flying video

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  • F-16J1  F-16

    Item No. 11001

  • MB-339J2  MB-339

    Item No. 11002

  • TS-11J3  TS-11

    Item No. 11003

  • Alpha JetJ4  Alpha Jet

    Item No. 11004

  • T-4J5  T-4

    Item No. 11005

  • T-1J6  T-1

    Item No. 11006

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    Item No. 11001-06
    Size: 250x85x15 mm

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    Item No. 11000
    Size: 260x255x190 mm
    (36Pcs Included)